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A Symbol of Courage and Compassion on My Office Wall

Black History Month. Image of Rosa Parks' seated on a bus.

I am often asked about an iconic poster above my desk. It's a powerful image of Rosa Parks, seated defiantly on a bus, symbolizing quiet strength and unyielding courage. This poster was gifted to me years ago by an Apple representative during my tenure at Frisco Independent School District. It has become more than just a piece of decor. It is a constant reminder of my values: the Golden Rule, love for one's neighbor, and the recognition of those who bravely stand against injustice.

Embracing the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule – treating others as one wishes to be treated – is a principle that transcends cultures and eras. Rosa Parks, in her quiet defiance, embodied this ethos. She didn't just stand up for herself; she stood for all those treated unjustly. Her actions remind me daily that our decisions and behaviors should reflect the respect and dignity we desire for ourselves.

Loving Your Neighbor

Rosa Parks' legacy teaches us about loving our neighbor. It's not just about passive tolerance but about active engagement and empathy. In the world of retail, where diverse customers and employees intersect, this lesson is particularly pertinent. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected like Parks sought respect for her community.

Recognizing the Courageous

Rosa's quiet strength on that Montgomery bus was pivotal in the Civil Rights Movement. Her courage inspires me to recognize and honor those who fight against injustice. It's crucial to remember that change often starts with the brave actions of a few. In business, this translates to creating a culture where diverse voices are heard and valued, where standing up for what's right is celebrated.

A Time of Reflection and Celebration

As we observe Black History Month, this poster takes on added significance. It's a time to reflect on the struggles and triumphs of African Americans throughout history. Rosa Parks is a beacon in this rich tapestry, reminding us of the progress and the journey ahead. Her legacy is not just a chapter in history books; it's a living, breathing inspiration in our daily lives and work.

In conclusion, Rosa Parks' image is a daily reminder to live by the Golden Rule, to love and respect our neighbors, and to acknowledge the brave souls who have paved the way for a more just and equitable world. As we celebrate Black History Month, let us recommit ourselves to these principles, ensuring that her legacy inspires generations.

-- Jon Allen, CEO

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