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Retail Deduction Recovery
Powered by HRG

"In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits."
- Lee Iacocca

With extensive experience in deduction recovery, Woodridge Retail Group specializes in securing revenue for CPG suppliers against complex retail compliance challenges. Our expertise, fueled by HRG's pioneering approach in handling various deduction types such as compliance, promotional, allowances, and post-audit defense, benefits some of the largest brands across all major retail categories.

Our proactive approach extends beyond recovery; we audit in advance of retailer cycles to forecast potential deductions and deliver best practice training, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead. This forward-thinking strategy has empowered us to reclaim over $1 billion for our clients, cementing our reputation as a trusted partner for leading brands across the retail industry.

Our unique blend of seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technology sets us apart. Together, they form the backbone of our unmatched service, offering a comprehensive solution that recovers lost revenue and equips our clients with the knowledge and tools to prevent future losses.

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Shortage 360

This service includes automation for identifying, documenting, and uploading invalid shortage deductions into the Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP) portal. Once uploaded, disputes are monitored throughout the process until resolution.

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Best Practice Training

We help suppliers understand the broader landscape at the larger retailers, including changes in the retail practices that cost suppliers money, how to prevent emails from misinterpreting, and binding suppliers to an unfavorable deal.

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We use our proprietary technology and years of experience to provide a comprehensive review of transactions to assist suppliers’ recovery of lost revenue in the supply chain and post-audit deductions.

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We provide consulting services for suppliers that include, but are not limited to, preparation of supplier agreements, proposals for deal presentations, and presentations to retailers for collecting funds due to suppliers.

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In the News

NW Arkansas Business Journal: Talk Business & Politics
HRG/Woodridge Venture Wants to Help Walmart Suppliers Manage Costly Deductions

Our joint venture with HRG makes Fortune 500-level deduction recovery expertise affordable for small to medium-sized suppliers. Learn more in our interview with Kim Souza for Talk Business & Politics, HRG; Woodridge venture wants to help Walmart suppliers manage costly deductions.

What We Do

Research and identify errors and potentially rebill overpayments, chargebacks, and deductions


Deduction Recovery Powered by HRG

Woodridge Retail Group excels in helping CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) suppliers navigate the complexities of retail compliance, ensuring their hard-earned revenue is protected. 

Our team, powered by HRG's innovative methods, brings a wealth of experience in managing all types of deductions, including compliance issues, promotional discrepancies, allowances, and post-audit defenses. This expertise supports some of the biggest names in every major retail segment, helping them overcome challenges and secure profits.


A Proactive Approach

Our approach is not just about fixing problems after they occur; we aim to be ahead of the curve. We can predict potential issues by conducting audits before retailer billing cycles and providing our clients with best practices training. This proactive stance has enabled us to recover over $1 billion for our clients, establishing Woodridge Retail Group as a reliable ally for top brands in the retail space.

People + Technology
Our combination of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art technology truly sets us apart. This powerful duo forms the foundation of our exceptional service, offering a holistic solution that doesn't just retrieve lost revenue but also arms our clients with the insights and tools they need to avoid future financial setbacks.

Over a billion dollars recovered and counting.
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