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Feeling lost in the retail maze? Let us be your guide to success.
Woodridge Retail Group is more than just a guiding light; we're your retail compass, ensuring that no matter where you are in the retail maze, success is always within reach.


Woodridge is a sales and marketing agency that accelerates business growth and profits online and in stores. We meet clients where they are and commit to growing their businesses. That commitment is core to who we are.

From national retailers like Walmart, Target, CVS, and online giant Amazon to regional retailers like Texas’ H-E-B, Woodridge is with you every step of the way.

Dedicated Brand Advocacy

We champion your brand as if it's our own, ensuring that its essence and value proposition shine through in every retail encounter.

What Sets Us Apart

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NW Arknaasas Business Journal
Talk Business & Politics - September 2023


HRG, Woodridge venture wants to help Walmart suppliers manage costly deductions

Revenue deduction help has been available for large Walmart suppliers through companies like Harvest Revenue Group (HRG). But for smaller suppliers, auditing defense against the world’s largest retailer was too expensive. That’s changing.

Bentonville-based HRG has helped some of Walmart’s largest suppliers recover unauthorized deductions for nearly two decades. HRG CEO Boyd Evert and the more than 30 auditors he employs handle deduction management with fund recovery for companies with more than $30 billion in annual sales at Walmart. Until now, the service was out of reach for smaller to medium-sized suppliers to Walmart with revenue under $100 million. Read more on the Talk Business & Politics site.

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