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"Good business is about relationships"

Scott Stratten

Woodridge Retail Group accelerates your brand by creating custom-tailored solutions for retail suppliers that drive growth, create opportunities, and increase profits.

Our team works with suppliers for all categories to provide insider knowledge, insights, and analytics that provide a competitive edge.

Three pillars differentiate us and make WRG the best option for CPG Brands and Suppliers across the country.

  1. Speed - We recognize your time is valuable and that you are free to choose your partners. 

  2. Trust - We understand you need an expert partner who puts your brand first.

  3. Execution - We use unique insights to develop environments where success is inevitable. 

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Success requires partnership and a collaborative approach. From a new supplier challenged by the learning curve to an established supplier needing to grow faster, our knowledge, experience, and technology create a path to success.

We focus on turning data into insights that create opportunities for your brand. WRG translates data into clear, actionable information that transforms your business from the store shelf to the digital shelf.

We built our reputation on creating innovative e-commerce solutions. WRG delivers a one-stop e-commerce solution, removing the burdens and risks of setting up, optimizing, and maintaining a competitive e-commerce portfolio that provides long-term results.

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