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Why Your Walmart Content Quality Score Matters

Walmart’s omnichannel strategy is focused on creating a seamless shopping experience for customers where, when, and however they want to shop. This includes in-store shopping, as well as online shopping on

This strategy has propelled Walmart’s e-commerce business to the number two position in the U.S. market. It has also grown in-store purchases and online grocery pick-up.

Since it's the supplier’s responsibility to upload and submit content for product pages, there is a good chance that you have heard about Walmart's Content Quality Scores and the drive to improve those scores.

Fact: The top 5 results for a keyword on Google get 70 percent of the clicks.

To better understand Walmart's Content Quality Scores and their purpose, here are a few of the questions we hear most often from our clients:

Q: What is the Content Quality Score?

A: Walmart's Content Quality Score is a rating of a product page's alignment to the category style guide based on its title, content, and back-end information such as its attributes. A page's score is the key indicator of how well the content is optimized to respond to Walmart's unique search engine algorithm. Walmart merchants monitor and use these scores to measure their categories' content and identify issues on specific product pages.

Q: Why Is It Important to Have a High Content Quality Score?

A: Content Quality Scores measure a product page's search engine optimization (SEO), rank, and discoverability. When your score goes up, it makes it easier for shoppers to find your products and make a purchase. High Content Quality Scores translate to product pages that rank high in search results, show up in more searches and are visible to more shoppers, resulting in increased traffic and higher sales.

Fact: Search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites than social media.

Q: I Received a Note from Walmart Saying My Content Quality Scores Are Too Low. What Do I Do?

A: Contact us; we can help. Woodridge Interactive specializes in helping our clients succeed on Walmart's online platforms. We will ensure your e-commerce portfolio is compliant or position you to win the Buy Box with a targeted strategy and long-term plan for success on

Q: Is There a Way to Improve My Content Quality Score?

A: Walmart's Quality Scores are unique to each product category and are based on many factors. This may include title and description length, written details that will help shoppers make informed buying decisions, high-quality images, videos, 360-degree images, or other rich media, plus other attributes and specifications.

If your Content Quality Score is 95 percent or more, it's a good sign that your product pages are optimized for search on

If your score is below the 90-95 percent category-specific benchmark, then “yes,” it is highly likely that there is a Woodridge Interactive solution that will help raise your Content Quality Score.

Fact: 51 percent of all search traffic comes from organic search, 10 percent from paid search, 5 percent from social and 34 percent from all other sources.

Woodridge Retail Group is a Walmart and Sam's Club supplier based in Northwest Arkansas. Whether you need Sales & Marketing support, or an experienced e-commerce partner to manage your entire e-commerce portfolio, Woodridge is here to help you thrive online and on store shelves. Contact us today!



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