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Notes from CES 2024: Walmart's Revolutionary AI and AR Technologies

Trends: Walmart's Revolutionary AI and AR Technologies


Walmart, the retail juggernaut, has again disrupted the industry landscape by unveiling groundbreaking AI and AR technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). As a retail leader, it's crucial to delve into these innovations and their potential impact on suppliers and shoppers alike.

Generative AI Search: A Game-Changer for Product Discovery

Walmart's new generative AI search feature on iOS represents a paradigm shift in how consumers find products. Rather than traditional keyword searches, customers can now search based on use cases, like preparing for a "football watch party." This intuitive approach, rivaling Google's SGE, not only enhances the shopping experience but also broadens the exposure of diverse product categories, benefiting suppliers through increased visibility.

AI-Driven Replenishment: The Dawn of Predictive Shopping

The AI-enhanced Walmart InHome Replenishment system is set to redefine convenience. By creating automated shopping carts for frequently ordered items, Walmart is simplifying repeat purchases and opening new avenues for suppliers to establish consistent product demand. This system, if expanded, could revolutionize inventory management and customer loyalty.

Augmented Reality: Social Commerce Reimagined

"Shop with Friends," Walmart's beta AR social commerce platform, merges virtual try-on technology with social interaction. This innovation makes online shopping more engaging and gives suppliers a unique opportunity to tap into the influential power of social networks, potentially driving sales through peer recommendations.

Adaptive Retail: The New Frontier

Walmart's "adaptive retail" concept, blending e-commerce and in-store experiences, signifies a significant shift towards a more integrated and personalized shopping journey. This approach not only caters to the evolving preferences of shoppers but also challenges suppliers to adapt their strategies to be more dynamic and responsive to real-time consumer behaviors.


Walmart's leap into AI and AR technologies marks a significant milestone in retail. As suppliers and shoppers navigate this new landscape, the focus should be on leveraging these technologies to enhance customer experiences and streamline supply chain processes. The future of retail is here, and it's adaptive, intelligent, and more connected than ever.

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