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Costco's Move to Sam's Club's Backyard: A Win for Shoppers in NW Arkansas

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Costco's Move to Sam's Club's Backyard: A Win for Shoppers in NW Arkansas

Update: July 14 - A Costco Wholesale store is no longer possible in Northwest Arkansas—for now, anyway.

Lowell Mayor Chris Moore confirmed the rumors of Costco coming to the area in May.

The Lowell Board of Zoning Adjustments held a public hearing, and the warehouse was planned for development on the southwest corner of Pleasant Grove Road and Concord Street.


Retail giant Costco has announced plans to establish a significant presence in Northwest Arkansas. This region has long been synonymous with Walmart and Sam's Club. In this article, I will explore why Costco's decision to shop in Sam's Club's backyard is a positive development for consumers in Northwest Arkansas.

Enhanced Competition Breeds Benefits

Competition is the lifeblood of any thriving market, and Northwest Arkansas is no exception. For years, the dominance of Walmart and Sam's Club has meant limited choices for local consumers. However, Costco's entry into the scene promises to inject a healthy dose of competition, presenting shoppers with more alternatives, better prices, and improved customer service.

Expanded Product Selection

While Walmart and Sam's offer an extensive selection, Costco's reputation for stocking specialty goods is unparalleled. From gourmet food products to exclusive electronics, shoppers can look forward to various options. Costco's presence in Northwest Arkansas will likely prompt competitors to expand their product offerings, ensuring customers benefit from a more diverse shopping experience.

Competitive Pricing

With Costco's entry into the market, price-conscious shoppers in Northwest Arkansas can expect to find more competitive pricing. Healthy competition breeds price wars, and consumers stand to benefit. Sam's Club has long enjoyed dominance in the region. Both retailers will likely engage in price-matching strategies and promotions to win over customers.

Improved Customer Experience

When retailers vie for customers' loyalty, they must improve their overall shopping experience. The arrival of a strong competitor will motivate Sam's Club and Walmart to enhance their cull shopping experience. Expect shorter checkout lines, friendlier staff, and an increased focus on meeting customer demands. Ultimately, consumers will reap the rewards of this intensified competition, as they can expect an elevated level of service from both Sam's Club and Walmart.

Job Creation and Economic Impact Costco's decision to establish a presence in Northwest Arkansas increases shopping options and positive economic implications for the region. The retailer's expansion into this market will generate new employment opportunities, benefiting the local workforce and contributing to the area's economic growth. Job seekers will have additional options, and the increased competition for talent will likely result in better wages and benefits for workers in the retail sector.


The news of Costco's plans to move into Sam's Club's backyard has sent excitement through Northwest Arkansas. Shoppers in the region can anticipate many benefits from the increased competition between the two retail giants. With expanded product offerings, competitive pricing, improved customer service, job creation, and a boost to the local economy, consumers will undoubtedly be the winners in this battle for market dominance. The arrival of Costco is a testament to the region's attractiveness as a retail hub. It underscores the significance of healthy competition in creating a more vibrant shopping experience for all.


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