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Walmart Marketplace aims to attract more third-party sellers

Talk Business & Politics

September 16, 2023

Kim Souza

Retail is about assortment, and Walmart Marketplace — an online portal for sellers — is looking for more third-party suppliers to provide a suite of services to sellers while also driving higher margins for itself.

Walmart recently held a two-day summit in Las Vegas for third-party sellers. The invitation-only event for about 1,500 attendees was intended to secure more sellers for the growing Marketplace.

During the event, Walmart announced several new features for sellers. Manish Joneja, Walmart’s senior vice president of marketplace and fulfillment services, said the evolution of Walmart Marketplace is among the most significant opportunities in retail.

“We’re building alongside sellers, listening to their needs to create a platform that’s easy to use and the first choice for customers and sellers alike,” he said. “By design, our marketplace is a level playing field, providing customers access to what they want regardless of whether Walmart or a third-party seller owns the inventory.”

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