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Walmart’s fulfillment service seen as positive for marketplace sellers

Talk Business & Politics

March 19, 2022

Kim Souza

Walmart has for two years offered inventory management (fulfillment) services for online sellers to streamline operations. Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), the company’s third-party fulfillment arm, is billed as a low-cost solution for online sellers and those who gain access through Walmart’s growing marketplace.

WFS allows sellers to store inventory at Walmart fulfillment centers. When a customer places an order on, WFS picks, packs and ships the item to the customer for the seller. WFS also handles all customer support and returns for these orders. The program enables sellers to focus on sales while confident that their orders will be delivered, Walmart said.

Amazon is the largest at handling fulfillment for marketplace sellers. Still, Walmart threw its hat into the ring two years ago and has seen tremendous growth, according to Jaré Buckley-Cox, WFS vice president.

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