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The Supply Side: Retailers continue to struggle with efficient online search

Talk Business & Politics

February 12, 2022

Kim Souza

With more retail sales gravitating online in the past two years, many retailers remain woefully behind the curve, according to a new report from Coleman Parkes Research on behalf of technology firm Algolia.

By surveying 900 retail executives with well-established e-commerce platforms, the report found that more than half of the retailer respondents were stuck in 2010 regarding digital search capabilities. When the pandemic hit in 2020, and the surge for online orders began, 65% of retailers were unable to meet demand, the report states. And 40% said they were still unprepared to meet a significant surge in consumer demand two years into the pandemic.

“The retail industry and digital commerce have evolved rapidly since the COVID-19 outbreak — more so than any other time over the previous decade. Yet, online conversion rates have remained relatively flat,” the report states.

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