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HRG, Woodridge venture wants to help Walmart suppliers manage costly deductions

Talk Business & Politics

September 20, 2023

Kim Souza

Revenue deduction help has been available for large Walmart suppliers through companies like Harvest Revenue Group (HRG). But for smaller suppliers, auditing defense against the world’s largest retailer was too expensive. That’s changing.

Bentonville-based HRG has helped some of Walmart’s largest suppliers recover unauthorized deductions for nearly two decades. HRG CEO Boyd Evert and the more than 30 auditors he employs handle deduction management with fund recovery for companies with more than $30 billion in annual sales at Walmart. Until now, the service was out of reach for smaller to medium-sized suppliers to Walmart with revenue under $100 million.

Jon Allen, CEO of Rogers-based Woodridge Retail Group, and his auditors work with smaller to medium-sized suppliers to Walmart and other competitors to better manage and grow their omnichannel businesses. Allen and Evert recently formed a joint venture partnership to extend customized deduction management services at levels more affordable for smaller companies.

“Profitability for small to medium-size suppliers is under intense pressure, and a large claim over a price dispute can have a critical impact on smaller suppliers who also often don’t have the staff to regularly monitor claims and deductions,” Allen said.

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