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Amazon’s new warehouse in Lowell will expedite local deliveries

Talk Business & Politics

January 10, 2022

Kim Souza

Amazon’s plans to operate a delivery station warehouse in Lowell will likely mean faster delivery times for consumers ordering online. The online retail titan is locating the operation at 315 S. Lincoln St., in Lowell.

The 98,208 square-foot facility built in 2005 is equipped with loading docks and paved parking for hundreds of delivery vehicles, according to permits filed with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality in November. Crossland Realty Group filed the permits on behalf of Permits with the Arkansas Department of Health were also filed for the facility in June by SGA Design Group of Tulsa.

Amazon is calling the facility a “delivery station warehouse,” according to employment ads the company has on Amazon did not respond to a request for information about the facility but the company did say it was hiring warehouse workers. The operation is slated to open later this spring. Amazon has said the facility will be the last stop before orders go to customers.

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