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Grow Your Business on with Managed E-commerce Services

Walmart is the largest omnichannel retailer, with more than 90 percent of the US population living within 10 miles of a store and receiving 275 million-plus visits per month. Whether you're looking for groceries, clothes, or a new TV, you can make a purchase wherever and whenever you want. So it's no surprise that many brands have turned to as their go-to e-commerce solution.

While there are benefits and challenges to selling on, having a dedicated managed services team handle your day-to-day e-commerce operations can be a game-changer for your business.

E-commerce is very different from traditional retail and can be pretty complex. Mid-sized and smaller suppliers often face challenges building and running full-service e-commerce operations. Doing so requires people with a thorough knowledge of Walmart’s systems, policies and requirements, unique skill sets and specialized technology.

Having a trusted e-commerce partner who operates at scale gives you access to a dedicated team of industry experts that includes e-commerce strategists, SEO writers, photographers, videographers, and a single point of contact that are all focused on increasing your online sales while maximizing the return on your investment. Managed services grow your online business, allowing you to focus on your core business.

There are many other benefits as well, so let’s take a look at what matters most to our clients:

Get to Market Faster Weeks, days, and hours matter. Our smart e-commerce solutions move your products online faster, enabling you to make profits sooner.

Create Engaging Customer Experiences Today’s shoppers buy the experience over the product. Rich media such as videos, 360-degree spin photography, and comparison tables provide a unique opportunity to show customers you care about them and their online experience,

Enhance Operational Efficiency Every dollar matters. Woodridge Interactive’s end-to-end solutions expand your e-commerce capabilities, increase speed and lower the cost of doing business online.

Improve Return Rates Our proprietary analytics reveal shoppers’ most asked questions about products and provide a competitive advantage that assures their most important concerns are addressed through photos, copy, videos, and other rich-media assets. When customers get what they expect, they are never disappointed.

Get Actionable Results from Data We take data to the next level with competitive analysis, pricing, ads, share of the digital shelf, and much more, all designed to help clients shape a strategy to thrive on

Keeping Up With the Speed of Change Having your strategy is in place, all your content optimized and visible online is just the start. The next hurdle is managing the speed of change and maintaining your portfolio at scale. Maintaining 50 items with unique copy, eight images, and three rich-media assets for every item in your catalog is a huge burden, and that is just looking at the shopper’s side of the equation.

Retailers are constantly adapting to shopper needs by changing content requirements and the attributes they require. Walmart and Amazon changed their requirements multiple times last year, with some changes coming weekly.

To keep up with the rapid and constant changes and endless amounts of content needed to remain compliant and competitive, brands need a valued partner who can deliver high-quality content at scale, quickly. Woodridge Retail Group makes it easy to move your e-commerce portfolio to a managed service solution and is here to help you thrive on dot com. Contact us today!



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